Domestic & Worldwide

Domestic and worldwide air freight services are used by our customers with shipments that need to arrive quickly or require non-traditional shipping methods. On Demand’s air services provide fast transit times and versatile options. Our customer-service focus ensures that cargo is managed by experts that meet expectations. Contracted with all major airlines and cargo airlines, On Demand offers competitive pricing and efficient air freight solutions.

On Demand provides a variety of air freight options utilizing the world’s leading airlines to provide the service our customers require. From demanding express shipping to a more reasonable economy service, customers receive adaptable, yet cost-effective solutions. Such options include:

  • Global Express provides a next-flight-out, time-sensitive air freight service for any weight or size shipments from the U.S. to all major worldwide destinations.
  • Global Economy supplies economical air service with affiliations to major worldwide destinations. Door-to-Airport or Door-to-Door service are delivery options that can be selected.
  • Air Import accommodates single-source import solutions from all major worldwide origins, utilizing all modes of transport.